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Club Cooee

Club Cooee
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Rencontre d'autres personnes, deviens leur ami,ayez du fun ensemble. Ici sur Club Cooee tu peux rencontrer de nouveaux amis du monde entier. Ensemble Club Cooee est encore plus amusant!

Expérience & Découverte

Le monde de Club Cooee est très coloré et diversifié. Découvre les îles exotiques, les expériences inoubliables dans les discothèques du Club, ou décide toi pour une promenade romantique dans nos jardins avec ta bien aimée!

Mettre de la Musique

Que ce soit dans un club ou en disco, tu peux écouter les meilleurs DJ de notre classement,et avec un peu de chance tu peux devenir l'un de nos DJ officiel.

Ton Style Compte!

Deviens un designer et crée tes propres tenues! Imprime tes designs sur des t-shirt, des pantalons et beaucoup d'autres articles et vend-les dans ta propre boutique. Montre à la communauté ton propre style!


3D Avatar Chat

What is a 3D Avatar Chat? Want to meet people? There are a plenty of avatar worlds on the web where you can chat, socialize and just kick back and hangout. Club Cooee is an example of an avatar chat community that is onlne but also is in 3D. 3D chat isnot the same as traditional text chat rooms which don't have virtual avatars, characters and interactions as part of the experience. In an avatar chat world, by choosing or creating a virtual persona, you can jump in and lose yourself in a fantasy world with people from all around the globe. Apart from just chatting you can also explore and create rooms to host parties and events. There are chat worlds that are purely social environments, and chat is also a feature built into many popular MMO games such as World of Warcraft. Indeed many players of these games come back for the social aspects as well as the gaming and questing. There are plenty of different types of Avatar Chat on the net, one way to look at them is whether they have 3D or 2D characters and if they allow user generated (creation of items) content. There are many successful communities on the web that are 2D, and many that are 3D. Similarly, Habbo is a thriving avatar community that has no user generated openness. Second Life or IMVU are examples of platforms also doing well with user generated content. Whether or not you prefer more realistic or simple avatars, whether you care or not about creating your own items, there is an avatar chat world for you. Club Cooee 3D Avatar Chat Club Cooee is a fun and free avatar chat site, where you can meet people from around the world. Apart from hanging out and partying, if you are interested you can also go crazy and create whatever your want in this friendly and interesting community.