Club Cooee est une communauté de chat en 3D dans laquelle les membres utilisent des avatars en 3D pour faire des rencontres, chatter et s´éclater avec leurs amis. Le tout en un. Et le meilleur: c´est GRATUIT!

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In Club Cooee “stickers” are given by winking and are automatically shown on your profile page.

The number on the green background stands for the number of received stickers and the number on the red background shows how any stickers you have sent.


In order to wink you have to click onto another avatar with your right mouse button and select “wink”. You will then be shown a list of all stickers that you can send. There are stickers for CP (Cooee Points), CC (Cooee Cash) or a selection for VIP.


Here is a list of all the stickers you can wink in Club Cooee:


Following sticker were only available during a short period of time:


These are the stickers you can only receive from admins for special activities:


There are also some stickers that you will receive for different DJ Party achievements: