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Indonesian Team Lobby [Team 9]
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Indonesian Team Lobby [Team 9]

Team9, Indonesian Team, Lobby, Contest,
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Team 9 = Indonesia team
team leader : !zoneq
member team :
1. !sylda
2. !AraharuGra
3. !yOdhI

1. The rooms can not have more than 40 different items and not more than 192 items in total.
(This room has 175 items and 32 different items)
2. do not interfer with copyrights or too far of reality.
(We created special lobby room with different themes from another lobbies that we had before, based on reality, comfortability, and magnificence)
3. The room must have enough space for door objects, and make it comfortable and add enough sitting possibilites for groups and couples.
(Yes, done! We don't need doors at all then we place some sign post as doors. This room is facilitated by unique comnfort chairs and you may see the room from all of sides.)

• Description:

The concept that we take in this is a comfortable outdoor lobby.

Because of the most lobby we saw in the club cooee are indoor. And we think it is monotonous and too rigid. We present something different, based on original ideas of our team, we agreed to create a lobby that looks more comfortable and flexible. Outdoors is a more suitable place for this event compared to indoor. Because we can feel the outdoor atmosphere more friendly. When we meet new people, of course, we want to find comfortable atmosphere and not rigid, but not left the elegant side of lobby.

We experienced some difficulties in this lobby decorating.
Some parts/sides in the lobby cannot be decorated, so that's make us have limited creativity.
However, we exert every effort in a narrow time period, (because there are some problems with our team earlier) and because we were chasing dateline [1 April 2011].

For closure, and of course we want our lobby can be seen from many sides. And that's makes lobby being more flexible.

Team 9 [Indonesian Team]